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How to: repair/replace your window regulator
The window regulator has 2 weak points - the two plastic clips that hold the window. They are notorious for breaking, leaving you with no way to wind your window up or down.

VW can supply you with either a window regulator repair kit or a complete regulator. 9 times out of 10, you'll only need the repair kit. These are handed so make sure you order for the correct side.

Cost of the repair kit: approx 35
Cost of complete regulator module: approx 250

The way to remove the module is:

You'll need:
Torx head drivers
Star head drivers

Time to complete:
Between 1 and 3 hours. Expect to allow for 3 hours if your window has dropped into the door and you need to find a way to release the window cables (DO NOT CUT ANY RANDOM CABLES until you know which cable you are cutting - the kit only comes with one cable, if you cut the wrong one it'll cost you a further 200 approx just for the one cable!!

Remove the door card... best done with the window down but seeing as yours is broken, leave it up.
Remove the grab handle cover and remove the 2 screws.
Remove the 3 (or 4) Torx head screws at the bottom of the door card.
Prise the card away from the door.
Lift it up out of the window channel.

Remove the cable release for the interior door handle.
Remove all wires plugged into the door card.

Just inside the door, level with the exterior door handle is a small grommet, remove it and loosed the grub screw inside just enough to slide the door lock out from the handle.
The door handle is operated by a cable with a plastic end to it, remove the cable from the handle.
Remove the large door lock star head screws.

There are 2 large rubber grommets (about 2 inches diameter) at either end of the module, remove these and move the window until you can see the Torx heads holding the window.
TAPE THE WINDOW UP so it doesn't fall into the door.
Loosen screws until the window is free.

Carefully prise the cable clips out of the module as you'll need them again.
Unplug the large plug from the window winder motor. There is a tab on top that you pull up that frees the plug, you can then remove the plug from the motor.
Undo the screw just underneath where the wiring harness comes out of the door, this will allow you to move the harness out of the way of the module.

Remove all the Torx head screws that surround the module (got to be about 10).
Don't worry about the module falling out as it is held on by two pins at either end.

Prise the module away from the door.
Drop the module down enough so you can see the top of the window runners.
Move the module towards the hinges to get the lock out.
You can now get to the plug underneath the door lock.
Undo the plug and feed it through the hole in the module, and move the whole harness out of the way.

You should now be able to remove the module from the door.

Turn it round and you should see one cable still intact and the other one all chewed up in the winder mechanism. Make sure you make a note of how the cables go on.

To fit the repair kit:

You should get 1 new cable and 2 new clips in the kit.
The cable is pre wound around the mechanism and the springs are held in place by a bar.

Remove the 3 Torx head screws that hold the winder motor in place and the mechanism can now be removed (if it hasn't already fallen off).

The window clips slide up and down the runners... slide them to the top and they can be 'rocked' off the sliders.
Underneath you will see that the ends of the cables overlap each other and clip into these clips.
Replace the old plastic clips with the new metal ones, replacing the cable in the same way.
The clips can now be 'rocked' back onto the runners.

With the new mechanism in place and all the cables around the guide wheels in a figure of 8 pattern, you can remove the cable ties holding the metal bar in place.
Move the clips to the top of the runners (so you can mount the window again)
Screw the motor back on from the other side.
Remove the metal bar to tension the cables.

Job done.

Now all you have to do is fit the module in the reverse order that you took it out!

Things to remember:
Make sure you can get to the little cable for the exterior handle as you are putting the module back in, you don't want to have to remove it again just to locate the cable.
Plug the wires into the bottom of the lock before you replace the module in the door.
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